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Using the Logitech Squeezebox Touch with EDO and hiFace1 based USB DACs/converters

[Updated 2013-09-08 with info about SSH access and request for feedback.] I’m the owner of a Logitech Squeebox Touch (SBT) media player which feeds an external DAC. I’ve been using the “EDO – Enhanced Digital Out” plugin by “Triode”. which allows for high-res output on the coax and USB ports. It was announced and is actively discussed on the slimdevices forums: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?94512-Announce-Enhanced-Digital-Output-app-USB-Dac-and-192k-Digital-Ouput The forum pages lists the DACs and USB converters known to be compatible with EDO.

UFC-crypt or how my code ended up in your Linux box

Back in the dark ages, I read the papers analyzing the “Morris Internet Worm”. In order to protect my employers systems, I wanted to do proactive password cracking. This, however, was painfully slow. A SUN 3⁄50 could do some 5 password checks a second. This was because the Crypt(3) function does 25 slightly modified DES encryptions using the supplied password as the encryption key. The number 25 had been chosen to make things slow on the machines available back then.


This is my personal home page where I now and then post information about stuff that interest me w/o knowing if anybody but Google reads them 🙂 As for the domain name, it’s an pun on the classic acronym AYBABTU and came up as a long-lasting joke at work. The picture on the front of the blog is (obviously) from Venice, Italy. Michael Glad [email protected]